In 2-3 hour workshops for organisations, I support staff to support clients better. The workshops are held in your venues, and are useful for healthcare, aged care, mental health workers and social workers as well as clinical professionals. Workshops are also available for the general community, for example in libraries.

The benefits of these workshops are that staff grow more skilled and confident in holding discussions with clients about death, grief and loss. Through engaging with simple but powerful processes workers are happier to approach the topic, clients feel supported and there is less likely to be staff turnover related to anxiety and bottled up distress. In community workshops Annie will ensure that each participant is given the confidence and time to speak

Workshops are customised to your requirements.

Get in touch to schedule a meeting and we can design a workshop based on a well-tested format.

I’ve hosted over 25 death cafe-style conversations in community venues, at conferences and in workplaces such as community health and support service CoHealth. Talking openly and reflecting in a group is helpful for anyone, whether general public or professionals.

Workshops for health professionals

In August 2019 Annie facilitated a Death Café event at our library. In the lead up Annie kept in regular contact with the library team around requirements for the evening. On the evening itself, she was able to create an atmosphere where people shared their views on death, many of these heartfelt contributions were as inspiring as they were instructive. It also allowed some participants to talk about death openly for the first time in what felt like a meditative environment.  


Community Outreach Librarian, Richmond Library

I saw a new client yesterday and she opened up about the death of her mother who died over ten years’ ago. I was grateful for the recent  workshop as I felt comfortable to sit in this conversation with her and talk about her mother and explore her feelings.


Mental Health worker

I participated in one of Annie’s death cafes at an international conference and it was the most healing experience you can imagine. I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who has seen, faced or experienced death in their professional or personal lives. Professional, supportive and healing within a safe space, Annie’s workshops are a unique opportunity for staff around the grief process.


Researcher on retention & turnover of aged care workforce, Griffith University

In Annie’s workshop we were talking about a profound subject. We had all experienced death in our disparate lives, in our own way and this unleashed a powerful flow of discussion. I believe that this was because of the trust engendered by Annie’s gentle and thoughtful way of acknowledging our contributions and experiences.


Workshop participant

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