Plan a funeral

Would you like to plan a funeral or other arrangements but aren’t sure about going straight to a funeral director? We can look at what you and your family might like and what would avoid putting a burden on them. This service is great for anyone who wants to know more or wants to craft a meaningful, creative ceremony, for example at home or in a community venue.

Some examples of planning consultations and specific outcomes

2018: I’m helping Steve, who wants to plan a funeral in advance. Plan, including timeframe, venue, communications with key parties.

2017: I am with Penny, who has a large family. She wants to sort out her preferences in order to be able to talk to her children, and to make it easier for them later. Visit to cemetery, role reversal in discussion to help understand different children’s needs, beginning of conversations.

2016: Delia and I have three sessions with homework. She’s an excellent researcher but has been frustrated because she lacks a framework for how things work in the funeral industry space, and this limits her research and planning. Purchase of burial plot, structure of a potential ceremony, service provider chosen.

2015: I’m with Kaye who’d like basic information about how things work between end of life in a hospital and cremation at a cemetery. She’s exploring options for a low cost, family-led funeral. One page of information, with notes and links to act upon.

How we’ll work

I work either one-to-one or with small groups. Send me an email. We can get on the phone and I can find out more about your questions. We can meet face to face in a venue that suits you. We’ll have an easy and comfortable dialogue over a coffee. Generally after the first consultation people go away and research, and that opens up more questions. If there’s something else you’re looking for, please contact me. See Kinship Ritual for celebrant services and funerals.  

I now have a plan for the funeral and for rituals that will be meaningful for us. I’ve bought a burial plot. I have a much better understanding of ‘the other side’, which is how I’ve always thought of the funeral industry! Thank you so much.


Fascinating. Annie’s workshop opened questions about our future planning that we had not previously considered.


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