End of life practicalities is our focus on 15 April at Eaglemont Artists’ Hub. Topics such as auditing your paperwork – is your will, your advance care directive, your burial or cremation choice up to date? Prices for funerals, burials and cremations. What is legal to do around vigils? What other nuts and bolts would you like to discuss?

It’s a beautiful space. Perfect for sessions about a rich and sensitive topic, end of life. Well this is what the owner, mover and shaker, Carol Ryan thinks. She’s as convinced as I am that things can go much smoother for a person’s family if they’ve had a bit of a think about what matters to them.

There’s a lovely table at the Hub, where we’ll be chatting about experiences and wishes, and participants can ask questions of me and each other.

Can we bury in the backyard and would we want to?  You’ll know for sure after this workshop.

Message Carol on 0400 978 096 to register your interest.

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Thoughts on end of life - small book