Death, a love project

It’s not unusual to feel nervous about death and see it as an unwelcome time of crisis. Yet many experience it as a time of wonder and transformation. This guide is practical, approachable and will take an afternoon to read. Having this useful content in mind will save stress and money if and when you need to act with others to create end of life arrangements.



For publishers:

Death, a love project, a guide to exploring the life in death and finding the way together is a handbook to read or refer to as preparation for death and its associated rituals. It engages with the complexity and richness of understandings and feelings that commonly arise. It also tells about the practical demands around dying and death.

The guide is endorsed by leaders in the fields of advocacy for death literacy, ageing, the funeral industry, and social innovation. As a proof of concept I used crowdfunding through the Pozible platform to test the market for the book. This has shown that there is a market for a book that lessens fear, sense of crisis and enhances capacity to act.

If you’re interested in taking up the book, please contact me to discuss.


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Annie Bolitho invites us to pause over a future that we must all face and yet resist preparing for. Her gentle invitation is at turns reflective, creative and practical. Put on the kettle, make yourself comfortable, and enter in to this wonderful invitation to engage with the death of your Significant Others as a love project.

Ilsa Hampton

CEO, Meaningful Ageing Australia

Ever since the Egyptians put honey into their tombs there have been rituals to help us with the awesome mystery of death. This little book conveys what we can do as families and communities to have good rituals today.

Cedar Anderson

CEO, Flow Hive

Death: a love project will help Australians looking for unique and empowering ways to celebrate the legacy of life. Annie Bolitho’s book takes the reader on an inspiring journey of caring for each other in community … right up to the last breath.

Jessie Williams

CEO, The Groundswell Project

Death: a love project opens up all sorts of possibilities on an important topic, with wonderful examples and well-chosen references to other thinkers on the subject. It is vivid, powerful, contrarian, valuable, elegant, warm. Annie expresses things with a simplicity that is breathtaking.

Kath Walters


Since the 1970s the ‘death care’ industry has become overly sterilized and corporatized. Today too many people don’t even value a goodbye ceremony, or taking time for grief, and ask for a ‘No Service Cremation’. Annie’s book is an excellent introduction to the movement back to a focus on the individual and community, and the importance of finding your own way to say a proper goodbye.

Nigel Davies

President, National Funeral Directors’ Association

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