Death, a love project

It’s natural to feel nervous about death and see it as an unwelcome time of crisis. Yet it’s also possible to experience it as a time of wonder and transformation. This guide is practical and inspiring, and will take an afternoon to read. Having this useful content in mind will save stress and money if and when you need to act with others to create end of life arrangements.


Death, a love project, a book by Dr Annie Bolitho


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Annie’s talks build confidence, and create calm and connection.

Annie helps individuals and audiences let go of fear and sense of crisis around death, and brings out their capacity to ‘find the way together’.

Her work is endorsed by peers and leaders in the fields of death literacy, social innovation, independent funeral directors and aged care.

Choose from these topics:

  • ‘Death, a love project’ – practical, useful information on home and community funerals and memorials.
  • ‘Poetry and end of life’ – how a few poems can help those who are dealing with death and grief, or are anticipating it.
  • Simple mindfulness practices for carers and cared for, and how they can help.

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Ever since the Egyptians put honey into their tombs there have been rituals to help us with the awesome mystery of death. This little book conveys what we can do as families and communities to have good rituals today.

Cedar Anderson

CEO, Flow Hive

I feel a bit more relaxed about death after reading Death, a love project.


This short book is an invitation to pause over a future that we must all face and yet resist preparing for. It is at turns reflective, creative and practical. Put on the kettle, make yourself comfortable, and enter in to this wonderful invitation to engage with the death of your Significant Others as a love project.

Ilsa Hampton

CEO, Meaningful Ageing Australia

Death, a Love Project will be a great help to me and my women’s circle – it’s written with compassion and understanding, and the stories are sensitive to the difficult subject of dealing with death.


I loved reading this book on Death. Yes! you read right. Annie knows how to turn the topic into something practical and fascinating.


I read Death, a love project in one sitting. Amazing how a book about death can be so life affirming.