Choices – it’s hard to know what you might choose without talking things over. There are more options than you’d imagine. When it comes to palliative care, dying and funerals it’s helpful to think through talking and to talk out of love.

In the video I want to share with you, you’ll find yourself tuning in. Have a listen to the singing and the stories.

I’m hoping you enjoyed the interactions of these families and partners and friends. I did.

One of my very old friends appears in it, with her partner. I’ve known Priscilla since my early days in Australia. She has wonderful qualities, and so does her fella.

Choices at end of life are a tender topic, to be shared. One social premise that is part of this little movie is that everyone will have a family, a partner, a son or a daughter to share their thoughts with. Kinship Ritual acknowledges that this isn’t always the case. It’s part of our service to listen and help with thinking through choices, if you’d like to have a consultation. There are so many options. Getting clear on what you’d like can be very helpful for your own peace of mind and for others. You might find a book like the Good Funeral Guide helpful. Produced in the UK, the hope is that everyone will have better funerals through having access to the information they need. The photo below appeared on their blog in 2012!

Choices - bike hearse

Thanks to the Good Funeral Guide – a trusty well-used bike hearse.