Citizens’ juries

Design and facilitation:

We’ve led the design and facilitation of citizens’ juries on:

A social issue that needed a new way of thinking

In Richmond, on Victoria’s largest housing estate, a Residents Panel strengthened the voice of those suffering impacts of seeing drug use daily, in stairwells, laundries and playgrounds. Annie led the design and facilitation of this multi-faceted citizens’ juryl process with residents to develop recommendations for change (2011), funded by Collingwood Neighbourhood Justice Centre. These are the Richmond_Residents_Panel_Recommendations.

Community infrastructure win-win, achieving best practice rehab, sorting tricky road issues, riparian management options

We’ve also assisted citizens’ juries to consider and make recommendations on investment of an infrastructure fund, rehabilitation from acquired brain injury, road infrastructure,  the riparian management of the Loddon River, and the value of the Yarra River and its water to consumers in monetary and non-monetary terms. IAP2 recognised a jury conducted with Surf Coast Shire Council on a contested infrastructure project with an Award for Enhanced Decision-Making.

What enables the best possible citizens’ jury?
  • An important, relevant key question or framework for advice, developed by informed stakeholders
  • Purpose and influence:  how will this process influence action, strategy development or policy decision-making?
  • Clearly presented design and experienced facilitation
  • Diverse, independent witness presentations