Jane’s Walk, 3rd May – a Very Public theme!

Don’t you love autumn? It’s the perfect time for another Jane’s Walk Melbourne! Join me for a Very Public Doddlejot through the CBD on Saturday 3rd May. If you’re a bit puzzled by jotting, or doddling and want to get a feel for the kind of walk I lead here’s what appeared on Jane’s Walk_blog_2013 last year.

We’ll just be a few of the thousands of people around the world who come together on the first weekend in May to walk and talk about what makes a good city during the Jane’s Walk festival. The walks create the time and space for people to learn about their city, connect with strangers and share ideas. There’s also going to be a fascinating walk on Docklands with my sister, Janet, on Sunday! A walk can also be the opportunity to look at community challenges – hence the emphasis in my walk of valuing what’s Public in our city.

unidentified walkers

High line, goods line, Sydney urban green space

urban green space

New York’s Highline is a magnificent urban green space. Here’s my favourite planting.


Did you know Sydney has an 1854 rail line between Broadway and Darling Harbour? Now the city is looking to develop its Goods Line, linking key locations and increasing urban green space. As well as tourism potential – my walks on the Highline were shoulder-to-shoulder with tourists from all over.

The Institute for Sustainable Futures will be designing monitoring and evaluation research to help the city understand exactly how such green spaces contribute to a better quality of city living. Read more.

You can find a great account of Highline creator Robert Hammond’s talk at Melbourne Town Hall on Port Places’ post The Highline by my sister Janet Bolitho. She notes that Hammond was more enthusiastic about the culture of the Highline than its plantings. Nice reminder that I really enjoyed meeting a man sitting on a folding stool with a suitcase, who writes stories for people, for a small fee. He was having a doco made about him and chatted to us in a break.