Unintended consequences – bikes and bikes

Bikes go hand in hand with the social enterprise focus of Donkey Wheel House.¬†In 2013, City of Melbourne developed plans to improve Godfrey Street. It’s a little street that runs alongside Donkey Wheel at the Southern Cross end of town. At Hub Melbourne we saw it as a great opportunity to improve facilities for bike riders. We advocated to City of Melbourne, sending photos like this:









And this











I don’t think the planners came check out the hood. They didn’t consult further, but included the bike posts in the redevelopment. Positioned at the centre of Godfrey Street, rather far from Bourke, they aren’t much used.

Nonetheless, the facility’s been welcomed by bike riders!!


Stakeholder engagement on public transport

As a community and stakeholder engagement professional I’m attracted to notices advertising stakeholder engagement activities and inviting feedback. I’m a public transport user and was waiting 35 minutes for a bus one weekend in September when visiting¬† Canberra. On the pole nearby was a poster.

Stakeholders have a say
Have your say on our service

Accessible stakeholder engagement activities

As a conference visitor I would have loved to use the time to fill out the advertised survey in my phone. But the only option was to drop in to a centre somewhere.

A successful transport system would seem to me to cater for commuters in a hurry, students, tourists, and people who can’t afford to be part of car culture.

Students are stakeholders in buses
Students at the bus stop.


Why not an online survey? Why not discussion at bus stops with those who, like the tattooed guy who helped me select the right service, who knows the timetable by heart because he has to? Why not a map to the nominated centre?

For evidence rich and inclusive CE, defining the stakeholders and putting ourselves in their shoes builds confidence that the right people will join in because they have reason to.

# Please note that I made a number of attempts to contact ACTION for comment before publishing this post. However, the contact number listed on their site 13 17 10 stated ‘Not available’.