Wonderful change through stakeholder alliances

alliance stakeholders

What kind of change do you see when good stakeholder alliances are at work? A recent Food Alliance gathering heard from Kindling Trust Manchester’s Chris Walsh. He said their alliance has enabled:

  • Generation of detailed technical knowledge and evidence
  • Development of strategic skills
  • Successful negotiations between unlikely parties (buyers and growers) to share risk on the project ‘Manchester Veg People’
  • Successful collaborative projects – ‘Feeding Manchester’, ‘Lend a Hand on the Land’
  • Relationships that open up opportunities, not necessarily immediately, but in time
  • Generous exchange


alliance stakeholders
Good food at Food Alliance gathering!

Our local Food Alliance’s  success in building relationships over three years was there for all to see. Their vision and mission are alive and relevant, the alliance reaches across the food system, they have a productive steering group, a fabulous champion, restauranteur Dur-e Dara, and an accessible project relevant to supporters and a broader constituency, ‘Know your Foodbowl.’

These things take time! A key success factor for the Alliance has been the patient support of the funding body VicHealth. Alongside, the Australian Food Hubs Network has focused on distribution, City of Melbourne has developed a food policy, Food City … and so wonderful change goes on.