We work where organisations, stakeholders and communities connect. This is where trustworthy independent facilitation is of value. So is expert guidance and grounding when professional specialists set out to convey concepts and information to ordinary people.

Our work is engaging and future-oriented.The problems we help clients solve need a mix of people to work together. We’re confident this rich potential can be realised and that it leads to valuable insights and strong future work.

Seeing is believing. We find that credible outcomes from novel, future-oriented processes are grounded in well-crafted planning and practical time frames. This is true for citizens’ juries, participatory budgeting processes and engagements at the stakeholder interface.

Society in all its complexity is basically about interactions. We’d like to help you get the best value from them.

"Annie was a well prepared, strong and respectful facilitator that we would recommend to anyone."
Petr Svoboda, Social Policy & Community Development, City of Moreland

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Brain injury citizens jury

Brain injury is tragic, complex and rehabilitation long and arduous. Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital recently opened a brand new Brain Inj …
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